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Cafe & restaurant

I've worked with restaurants and cafes around the world to capture not only the food, but also the atmosphere, venue and experience. For each venue, I work to tell a cohesive story as well as a consistent aesthetic through each image -- whether thats playful and fun, or sophisticated elegance.

I offer both one-off packages for venue, food and lifestyle photography as well as monthly content creation packages. I have packages starting from as little $250 USD to suit every budget and can customise packages to suit your needs. 

I also offer social media management, where I work with you to create a consistent aesthetic for your social media profiles and then handle everything from the styling, photography, editing, curating the feed, writing engaging hashtags, and strategic use of hashtags and location tags.

Here are some examples of past work, as well as mockups of instagram feeds that I created using photos I captured for the venues. 

*Custom graphics in the Two Fingers feed were created by the brand, and are an example of how I can incoprate existing assets into your visual aesthetic.

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